Data Analyst – Azure & Snowflake

Current Job Type

  • Contract

Salary / Rate

  • $500 Day

Notice Period

  • 2 Weeks


  • Melbourne


  • Australian Citizen

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Candidate Description

With a recent stint in data analysis, this professional has consistently demonstrated their expertise in generating and interpreting complex datasets, particularly in the retail sector. By leveraging tools like SQL, Power BI, Holistics, and Tableau, they have successfully delivered valuable insights on product inflation, online ordering patterns, and the challenges presented by competitors in the data analysis domain.


Their technical prowess goes beyond mere data visualization; they have been instrumental in ensuring data integrity during migrations, utilizing platforms like Azure Data Studios and Snowflake. This individual is adept at handling every stage of data management, from raw data extraction and transformation to creating clean, insightful tables and views that drive business strategies.


What adds a unique dimension to this analyst's profile is their engagement with internal and external stakeholders, presenting findings and making a tangible impact on business decisions. Their proficiency in Git workflow administration and meticulous documentation underscores their commitment to creating and maintaining efficient data models.

Products & Platform experience


Domain experience

Azure SQL
SQL Database
Azure Monitor
Data Analysis
Data Modelling
Data Visualisation
Power BI
SQL Server Management Server

Previous / Alternative positions

Data Modeller
Data Analyst

Industry & Project experience

Financial Services

Educations & Certifications

DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
BA - Mathematics
Master of Data Science

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